VINAFOOD II was honored to grant the title –“The enterprise accompanies farmers”

On the evening of October 13rd, 2020, at the Hall of the Ministry of National Defense in Hanoi city, an honor ceremony to award the status of the great Vietnamese farmer in 2020 was organized by the Central Committee of the Vietnam farmers’ Union (VNFU), the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

There was a ceremony to grace 63 first-rate Vietnamese farmers in 2020 and grant the title the enterprise accompanies with farmers to 27 outstanding companies in the area of agriculture that have contributed the most and supported Vietnamese farmers in 2020. Vietnam Southern Food Corporation – Joint Stock Company (VINAFOOD II) was one of the honored businesses that received the title “The enterprise accompanies farmers”.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai, General Director on behalf of Vinafood II received the Medal of Vietnam Southern Food Corporation – Joint Stock Company – The Enterprise accompanies Vietnamese farmers in 2020.

With a system of subsidiary/affiliate companies and the benefit of warehouses sketching from the Mekong Delta, Vinafood II has always been one of the top rice exporters in Vietnam. During the past period, Vinafood II gradually linked the consumption and production of rice, and commodities for farmers in the orientation of sustainable development. Additionally, the corporation has grown its competitiveness, and improved the merit of Vietnamese rice in the international market; at the same time, Vinafood II has participated in ensuring the local foodstuffs market and contributed to national food security stabilizing.

As a positive benefaction to the rice industry of Vietnam is directly consuming rice and the output of products from Vietnamese farmers, Vinafood II is glad to be a part of the enterprises that received the title the enterprise accompanies farmers.

Vinafood II will always be a companion and on the farmers’ side in building the well-being and sustainable development of Vietnam’s rice industry.