The Final Result of Mini Football Tournament 2019 – The Song Hau Cluster Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Vietnam Union Establishment (from July 28, 1929, to July 28, 2019)

The leagues held to continuously implement plan no. 50/KH-CDTCT dated on March 18, 2019, of the Union of Vietnam Southern Food Corporation and create an exhilarating atmosphere and competitiveness among union members, workers, officers, and employees, encouraging them to get achievements and celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Vietnam Trade Union’s founding day (from July 28, 1929, to July 28, 2019), and the 50th commemoration of the President Ho Chi Minh’s testament performance (from 1969 to 2019) also.

On June 22, 2019, in Long Xuyen City and An Giang Province, the football matches of the Song Hau cluster units were organized, all the contestants included An Giang Food and Foodstuff Company, Kien Giang Import-Export Joint Stock Company; SOHAFOOD – the Song Hau Food Company, Dong Thap Food Company, Bac Lieu Food Company; To Chau Joint Stock Company; Binh Dinh Food Joint Stock Company and Thot Not Branch. All teams were divided into 03 groups for the competition.

Attending the opening ceremony of the event was Mr. Le Minh Truong – President of the Trade Union, and Ms. Ngo Thi Thanh Chau – Vice Chairman of the Union of Vietnam Southern Food Corporation; presenting with the representatives of subsidiary companies leaders, the athletes, and lots of fans came to cheer and encourage.

Besides, Mr. Tran Luu Phong, a member of the Standing Board Committee, and Head of An Giang Province Policy and Law Department – Labor Confederation, also presented and supported the activities of the Corporation’s Union.

The first day of the tournament passed with the final results of the Song Hau Cluster ranked as follows:

– The first prize was Kien Giang Import-Export Joint Stock Company.

– The second prize was An Giang Food and Foodstuff Company.

– The third prize was Dong Thap Food Company.

The Final Round of Mini Football Leagues 2019 – Vietnam Southern Food Corporation is expected to occur on June 29, 2019, with the contestants being the top 9 teams from 03 groups to compete in this final round of the championship.

Some photographs of the Song Hau Cluster Football Competitions:

Kien Giang Import-Export Joint Stock Company Team won the first prize

An Giang LTTP Company was awarded the second prize

Dong Thap Food Company received the third prize