Commemorating the traditional day of 45 years of the Vietnam Southern Food Corporation – Joint Stock Company establishment (from August 17, 1976, to August 17, 2021)

Vietnam Southern Food Corporation Joint Stock Company, formerly known as the Southern Rice Corporation, was established in 1976 right after the country was unified and underwent many adjustments in its name, scale, and functions to suit the responsibilities of each time.

Until 1990, the business was named Central Food Corporation II under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry with the task of systemizing domestic/export food production and trading activities according to the Ministry’s plans.

In 1995, to implement the renewal policy of the Party and the State to integrate with the regions and world economy, Vietnam demanded to have large corporations and economic groups which are capable of competing against the area and the international economy. The Vietnam Government decided to form the Vietnam Southern Food Corporation – Joint Stock Company based on restructuring the Central Food Corporation II, the Central Food Company III, and the food business subsidiaries of the southern provinces and cities stretching from Da Nang, according to the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 311/TTG dated May 24, 1995, the company’s duty is complying with the Government’s Decree No. 47/CP of July 17, 1995, on ratifying the charter of organization and operation following to the general accounting system and financial autonomy in business. Vietnam Southern Food Corporation – Joint Stock Company branches have active representative offices in many provinces stretching from Da Nang to Ca Mau having more than 5,000 employees. These are a wide range of the main business sectors of the Corporation, namely purchasing, preserving, processing, wholesaling, retailing, warehousing, and circulating food, processed food, and agricultural products; exporting/importing food and agricultural products; processing animal feed; aquaculture and aquatic product processing; manufacturing and trading packaging, packaging materials; producing and processing of wheat, flour, starch, and starch products; managing and running seaports, inland waterway ports; forwarding, shipping agents specialized in sea freight, retailing in general business subsidiaries, and convenience stores… 

Over the past 45 years, Vietnam Southern Food Corporation’s made remarkable developments in various aspects and has become one of the top Vietnam enterprises in the rice trading area; moreover, the company has gained popularity in the international rice export market. Besides, data showed that Vietnam Southern Food Corporation’s average annual rice export and processing output was approximately two to three million tons, annual export turnover reached more than one billion US dollars, and the total sales were over VND 30,000 billion making a significant contribution to the consuming rate of rice and commodity for farmers, ensuring national food security, stabilizing prices in the market and playing an important role on the country’s socio-economic development. Going through the process of operation, the Corporation has always paid full attention to investing and improving the quality of technological equipment to boost production and processing capacity; additionally, increasing product quality and amplifying competitiveness to meet the market’s needs are also indispensable parts. Currently, Vietnam Southern Food Corporation products are welcomed worldwide in most of the international’s consumer markets, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia, and the  Middle East… After the equitization, the Corporation is progressively restructuring its production system and business activities to fit the new orienting model; besides, it’s continuing to maintain positive effects on national markets in many countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and focusing on trade promotion and developing new markets. In addition, the Trade Union and Youth Union of the company always encourage all officers, employees, and youth union members to participate in activities actively, be dynamic, creative, and enthusiastic about competition activities, work, and develop toward the goal of growing productivity, quality, efficiency, determination to resolve and overcome all challenges, be solidarity and consensus, do the best to complete and exceed production targets and company’ tasks. Moreover, the Corporation shall constantly contribute to the consumption of commodities for farmers, such as rice, ensure domestic food security and fulfill the Corporation’s political functions in the new normal. With the strategy view and development direction, Vietnam Southern Food Corporation aims at harmonizing the interests of the shareholders and employees; additionally, they set out a plan to focus on the main business of food, processing food, processed products from rice, and developing ancillary business sectors for the company to stable and sustain its development. The Corporation’s traditional day has been officially selected and announced in 2020. On the past anniversary last time, leaders in collaboration with the Corporation’s Trade Union had practical activities, giving presences and meaningful gifts to all workers encouraging their spirit among the Corporation positively.

On the enterprise’s traditional day this year, due to the complicated circumstances and unpredictable changes of the COVID-19 epidemic and the purpose of ensuring the safety of the workforce, the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam Southern Food Corporation’s establishment could not be organized on August 17th, 2021 as arranged. Nevertheless, to commemorate and remind all employees about this memorable day, the Board of Directors of the Corporation has encouraged employees to raise their unity, understanding, and share difficulties in the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic still sophisticatedly affecting business movement to maintain the production and trading activities more stably, enhance sustainability and perform well the political responsibilities assigned by the Vietnam Party and Government.