Summary conference in 2021

On December 22, 2021, the Corporation held the 2021 Summary Conference to summarize and evaluate the operation situation and work performance results in 2021, comprehensively evaluating all aspects of work including Party work. , production and business activities and the Trade Union and the development of the 2022 Plan. This conference showed the unity in the operation of VINAFOOD II, the cohesion, coordination and support between professional work and organizations. socio-political of VINAFOOD II. Through reports and discussions at the Conference, the Conference agreed on renewing the operating model for implementation in 2022. With the changes and synchronous solutions mentioned, 2022 will be the year marking a positive change of VINAFOOD II, making VINAFOOD II more and more prosperous in the coming time.

At this conference, VINAFOOD II also honored collectives and individuals that had excellent achievements in production and business activities, especially individuals who had excellent achievements in a special emulation round. “Unity, join hands, emulate the prevention, control and victory of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

With the determined efforts of the Board of Directors and all employees, the year 2022 promises the transformation of VINAFOOD II with positive results in production and business activities.